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Couples Massage


Time spent together with someone you care about is always important! Whether you’re looking for a day of soothing romance with your partner or you just want to indulge in a girls’ day of pampering, Lakeshore Massage Therapy offers a soothing couples massage.

Designed for sharing, couples massage is a great way to connect and relax with a loved one. Receiving massages side by side will have both of you slipping into contentment as the daily stress fades away.

We know couples get busy and sometimes don’t have the time to unwind together and just catch up on each other’s lives. A couples massage is the perfect way to reconnect and focus your attention only on each other in a very calm and comfortable environment, all the while receiving great massages that will soothe and relax your body from our therapists.

The benefits of a couples massage go far beyond time to catch up with your partner. It’s also been said that partaking in this revitalizing experience together may increase your feelings of affection and attraction towards each other and it also encourages bonding between partners even after the massage is over.

Couples massages aren’t just for couples! We know getting together with friends or your mother can also be difficult to do with everything going on in our busy lives every day. Why not schedule a couples massage for you and a friend to catch up while being pampered?

Couples massages are also a great gift option for newlyweds, soon-to-be parents or essentially anyone who likes to enjoy a massage with a partner or friend. At Lakeshore Massage Therapy, we offer gift certificates for any service, so you can give the gift of relaxation.