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Theraputic Massage


Soothe your mind and body with a calming therapeutic massage. Therapeutic massage is a strong ally in your wellness journey and a great way to re-establish natural balance in your body.

Therapeutic massage is a great addition to your health and wellness regime. Some people see a benefit from simply visiting us once every couple of months, while others love to make it a habit to see us once a week when possible. No matter the frequency of your massage needs, we’ll look forward to booking your appointment with you soon!

One of our most common services, therapeutic massages are the perfect way to make the pressure and tension of your day, week or month just melt away. The professional massage therapists at Lakeshore Massage Therapy will create a serene environment just for you as you drift into contentment during your relaxing therapeutic massage. Nestled in our cozy and tranquil massage room, your escape from life’s everyday stress awaits you!

Consistent therapeutic massages work to keep your stress level at bay. This will not only feel great, the possible long-term health benefits are unmatched. Your massages will help to relieve muscle tension, improve blood circulation and muscular range of motion as well as help with muscle soreness and inflammation.

The list of health benefits of massage therapy goes on, including lowering your blood sugar, an increase in serotonin and endorphin levels, improved skin elasticity, reduced blood pressure, a detoxification of your body and an overall improved sense of well being. With all of these amazing benefits at your disposal, you should definitely call Lakeshore Massage Therapy to schedule your therapeutic massage appointment today!